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Interview with Megan

Q. Why plush-making? How did you get started?
A. I’ve been a plush collector before I was actually making them. My only issue was that they never sold my favorite characters. First I would think, “I wish they’d have this guy.”But then it was, “I wish I could make this guy.”

So for starters, I made my sister a small kappa plush toy out of felt (my usual material). She really liked the plush, and I really liked making the plush, and so it snowballed from there. Making her smile through my hobby made everything worth it.

Q. How long have you been sewing?
A. Since 2011.

Q. How long does it take to make a plush?
A. It depends, of course. The character, the size, the detail… all of these things may take more or less time depending.

Q. What materials do you use to make plushies?
A. Felt, mostly. If not felt, it’s fleece, because fleece comes in more colors and it's softer.

Q. How do you make the plush?
A. They’re all hand-made. For the parts that can be done by sewing machine, I’ll do that. But if it’s more detailed stuff, then I’ll hand-sew it myself.

Q. What is your favorite plush you’ve made so far?
A. I have no idea. Probably Hikami (whom I made for my older sister’s birthday), because of his coat. I like his coat. It’s detailed and pretty.

Q. Are you open for commission now?
A. Even though I have lots of projects I’m working on now, I always have time for commissions! Yes, I am open!

Q. Words of advice for future plush-makers?
A. Never give up. Everybody has their own way of doing things, so just stick to yours, and it’ll work out.